Monday, 28 January 2013

First Bloom

With only a little bit of time on my hands I had a play with the paints, a flower the chosen subject. It is something I hadn't tried before. The flower itsself took no time but the black back ground seemed to take for ever. All in all I quite happy with the end result. Im sure with more experience  the overall finished piece would be more eye catching.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sparrow Hawk

 This is the second attempt at this painting, the first was tackled in Acrylics and too be honest it was as far from pleasing to the eye as it should of been. This attempt was more successful even on some cheap paper I had lying around. Ill save up for better this week

Friday, 25 January 2013

Cat amongst the Acacia

  A quick watercolour to keep me out of mischief whilst the British weather prevented me working. Its is times like these you realise how much there is to watercolour  painting, Although its a reasonable effort for a novice there is also so much wrong. It was a pleasure to paint from my 7 years olds photo (he is quite handy with a camera) I decided slip him onto an Acacia to give it a wild feel.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Buzzard in Graphite

Graphite (A4 size)

A trip to the local reservoir birding left me with a passable photo of a Buzzard. I didnt have time for any painting so began to throw a few marks on paper with a pencil. It was more of a trial trying out some smooth paper I had, Compared to the medium and heavy toothed paper I had been using I kind of liked it


                                                                Water colour (A4 size)

  Ok its not what im used too but as a member of a Beginners art forum Jwjonline they regularly have projects to tempt you away from safety. This one I really enjoyed and im not even sure why, perhaps things went more smoothly than I imagined. Anyway back to the drawing board I have a Sparrow Hawk to be getting on with.